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White Paper 3
How IBN Helping CFO’s by Combining Efforts with ProfitCents

IBN Is using Profitcent for providing Qualitative services to our customers from Past 1 year.

Its very useful tool to Create the Professional Financial Format and to assist CFO’s.

Profitcent is web based financial analysis tool developed by SageWorks it evaluates real time industrial data, its easy to access from anywhere and user friendly tool which helps to gain new clients by producing narrative reports, projections and real time industrial data analysis.

Profitcent automatically create a customizable report, produce forecasts with “what-if” scenarios & Simplifies the initial analytical review and risk assessment process.

Narrative reports are easy to understand so that an accountant can discuss this with the client with facts and figures presented in narrative reports, these reports are prepared based on the data feeds in the Profitcent, So its real time data of the past and current progress of the business, no fake assumptions or analysis are shared so always true picture of the business is reflected in reports with “To Dos and Don’ts’. Generating narrative reports is less time consuming and accountant can generate Qualitative reports with comparison of real time data

Profitcent can be integrated with tax softwares like Drake, Lacerte, Proseries Tax and Ultra Tax CS as well this is the best most loved feature where tax return data is directly imported is Profitcent for review and analysis purpose.

We can integrate it with accounting software’s like Quick Books, Xero, Peachtree (sage 50) and many more. Also we can import Yearly, Quarterly & Monthly data in Excel format easily and it prompt appropriate account type for each line item in Excel or Word every time 95% of accuracy is maintained while mapping the data in Profitcent.

IBN use Profitcent to streamline preliminary analytics and document expected value calculations when auditing for-profit & non-profit organizations.

Profitcent also documents the risk assessment phase of business and share the guidelines to be followed by the business for profitable and to fight with strong competitions in market, by using ratio and vertical analysis with a narrative reports accountant can gained the client confidence.

Profitcent helped IBN to bring value addition to its professional services.
IBN’s customers are very happy with the services render with the help of Profitcent.