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Fund Administration Outsourcing

IBN is an independent global service provider who offers a full suite of comprehensive administration outsourcing services to Fund administrators and hedge funds. Over 10 years of operations, we have acquired expertise in back office fund administration by working with different fund administrators and other services providers. Value proposition of our Fund Outsourcing services is flexibility, reliability and transparency. Our fund administration services can be customized to best fit our clients’ individual requirements. Key differentiator of our back office service is that we provide our clients with global client relationship manager who has responsibility for service delivery and quality standards.

Fund Accounting Services

  • Updating trading activity from front-end trading systems or Automatic Updation in system
  • Trade & Position reconciliation with prime brokers
  • Independently calculate and record income and expense accruals and reconcile with prime brokers’ activities
  • Calculate and record management fees in accordance with fund documents
  • Calculate and record incentive fees per fund documents
  • Preparation and maintenance of complete set of books, from a comprehensive General Ledger, Trial Balances, security ledgers, realized capital gain /loss statements, Income and Expense statements, to all other necessary supporting schedules
  • Preparation of Financial Statements for each period end
  • Calculate NAV for each share class in accordance with fund documents

Tax Services

Preparation of preliminary tax allocation based on tax allocation method selected by fund and report for review of funds auditor; preparation of draft Federal K1 Forms (subject to the review and approval of all allocations and footnotes by the funds auditor and tax advisor)

Investor Services

  • Accept investor subscription & redemption documents
  • Perform AML procedures in accordance with local AML laws and regulations
  • Maintain investor contact database
  • Prepare an account statement for each investor
  • Compute monthly and year-to-date gross and net performance for each investor or share class
  • Distribute monthly statements, notices, audit reports, and tax forms to investor

IBN will work closely with Fund’s auditor and ensure timely and efficient completion of the annual audit. As Fund Administrator IBN prepares and provides schedules, reports, explaining transactions and other general assistance in Audit

IBN will ensure compliance with Anti-Money Laundering requirements as needed by local regulatory bodies. Applying necessary AML policies and procedures maintain required investor information and records of AML activities and providing information requested by governmental and regulatory bodies

Compare securities/ financial instrument pricing to independent pricing provided and ensuring that manager priced securities comply with fund pricing policy. IBN also helps in discovering the price of the Financial Instruments which are not readily available by using independent third party service provider.