Offloading and Optimizing Non-Core Processes

Across industries, companies are realizing the strategic advantages of business process outsourcing. By engaging a service provider that assumes responsibility for management of non-core business processes, companies can dramatically improve costs, increase efficiency and cut cycle times.

Ultimately, BPO services enable you to focus more time and money on what matters most: your core business. To succeed in BPO approach, you need a service provider that offers a disciplined approach with a total commitment to quality, customer service, communication, and transparency.

With every client, IBN provides open lines of communication with full visibility into what we’re doing, and how. IBN stays in constant contact through daily and weekly progress reports, weekly teleconferences with your dedicated team, web- and VPN-based shared project management tools, and instant messaging. The level of transparency gives you absolute confidence that we’re delivering as promisedmeeting or exceeding your business requirements.

IBN listen carefully to each client’s needs and develop a right-fit BPO solution for your specific requirements. The following is a sampling of our BPO/KPO capabilities:

  • Data entry and data processing services
  • Recruitment and job posting support
  • Loans and mortgage processing
  • Real estate appraisal data entry
  • Web-based market research
  • Customer support: email support, online-based support, help desk, and technical support
  • Online profile approval, web content approval, website bug reports
  • Procurement and purchasing support
  • Accounting and financial back-office processing

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