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With the most reliable healthcare bookkeeping services, IBN aims to help medical practitioners and organizations achieve success.

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Importance of Bookkeeping in Healthcare
Bookkeeping for Healthcare Institutions is Complex

In-house handling of financial books often results in the following challenges for healthcare businesses:

R&D Cost Recognition

Healthcare businesses that engage in R&D activities must comply with accounting standards and regulations specific to the industry, such as the GAAP and FASB. Also, the accounting treatment for R&D expenses vary based on the nature of the project, the stage of the project, and the expected outcome of the project, which makes it even more challenging to maintain books.

Managing Insurance Claims

Healthcare businesses must ensure that insurance claims are submitted accurately and on time, and they also have to follow up with insurance companies to ensure they are paid correctly. In addition, insurance companies often have strict policies and procedures that must be followed, adding to the complexity of managing insurance claims.

Compliance with Regulations

Healthcare businesses must comply with a range of regulations, including HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) regulations around patient privacy and data security. Compliance with regulations requires strict record-keeping and adherence to specific procedures and protocols, adding to the workload of healthcare businesses.

Revenue Cycle Management

From patient registration and billing to collections and financial reporting, healthcare businesses have to manage their revenue cycle effectively. Revenue cycle management requires a deep understanding of financial and accounting principles, as well as specialized knowledge of healthcare regulations and reimbursement models.

Managing Inventory and Supplies

Healthcare businesses must manage a range of inventory and supplies, including medical equipment, medications, infrastructural requirements, and other supplies. Managing inventory and supplies requires careful tracking and management of inventory levels, as well as monitoring of expiration dates and other quality control measures.

Why Choose IBN as
Outsource Bookkeeping Service

Our healthcare bookkeeping services provide an accurate and seamless approach to keeping up with your financial and patient health data. Our team of trained accountants specializes in providing you with timely and complete records of all bookkeeping activities, including medical billing. We understand the complexities of accounting for medical practices and how to accurately manage accounts receivable & payable, bank reconciliations, payroll services, charge entry, and more.

We enable you to focus on the very best patient care while providing financial security by managing your daily healthcare bookkeeping needs. Our team of professionals implements high standards and strict compliance with local regulations to keep your practice running efficiently and financially secure. As a result, we help the medical fraternity not only maintain records but also manage revenue cycles.

Our line of bookkeeping services for healthcare includes individual practitioners and hospital facilities.

Benefits of
IBN Outsource Bookkeeping Services
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Experienced Bookkeepers

With over 22+ years of experience, we have a proven track record of effectively managing accounting records for healthcare industry throughout the United States.

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Value-Driven Approach

Our objective is not only to reduce your expenses but to provide value that exceeds the cost.

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Ready to Scale

Our efficient management systems enable you to quickly increase or decrease the quantity of bookkeeping services you require.

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Minimal Input Required

Our certified bookkeepers handle all aspects of the bookkeeping process, allowing you to be hands-off and not be involved.

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Your Data is Safe

You can trust IBN's capability to secure your data as we employ the most advanced security technology to safeguard our clients' information.

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Utilize Best Tools

Our certified bookkeepers are able to work with any accounting software of your preference, or we can suggest one that would be suitable for you.



We have been utilizing IBN now for about 6months, initially we were reluctant to allow access to our sensitive information, but we soon overcame these challenges. We have been working closely with Aniket the entire time, he is our dedicated representative and we really enjoy his service.


We have been with IBN for just short of year now, and we are extremely happy with the service. They provide support and back-office accounts for us. The response time is often less than an hour and they have become instrumental in our daily running and have been able to tackle big projects without any problems.


We've had the opportunity to work with IBN Tech for over a year now and really enjoy the services they provide. The team is incredibly responsive and the quality of work is wonderful - they are just an overall pleasure to work with.