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IBN offers comprehensive modified administrations particularly characterized for the Retail Industry. IBN lays out the extensive framework of Retail functionality covering of multiple channel distribution.

To help company’s reach their clients quickly, a sustainable back office solution covering all dimensions becomes an imminent existential need of an organization.

Why you should outsource?

Shifting from manual to automated systems will gear clarity in operations.

With systemized operations, the accessibility of fluid capital will be huge and different which can be utilized in accomplishing showcasing destinations.

With Outsourcing solution you may able to spend your time focusing on your core competence rather than on back office operations.

With considerable balance and customer engagement through Back office operations, the company need not worry about losing an elemental customer.

Tracking, monitoring as well as maintaining multi location units becomes possible once a company chooses to empower its self with sustainable outsourcing operation.

Make your services and products available at a click.

1. Should bookkeeping services be outsourced ?

Yes, outsource bookkeeping services to focus on your core business strengths while taking the benefit of outsourced, highly qualified finance professionals as well as accountants who specialize in these services to help you simplify your accounting processes.

2. How does outsourced bookkeeping and accounting work ?

An outsourced bookkeeper or outsourced accountant works like your extended team, not on your payroll, and yet takes complete care of your bookkeeping and business accounting needs. This offers you, as a business owner, the flexibility of not hiring in-house and helps you reinforce your business strengths.

3. What is the cost to outsource bookkeeping ?

With IBN, you outsource bookkeeping services either via a dedicated resource or shared resource, starting at USD 10 / hour or USD 250 / month depending your requirements. Explore our offerings and talk to us for a customized proposal.

4. Why is outsourcing bookkeeping very technical ?

It is NOT! You do not need anything very highly technical to outsource your bookkeeping and accounting work. With IBN, you get access to a simple, easy-to-use, AWS hosted, cloud-based web software and mobile application. This highly secured client interface for data sharing makes it easy for you to manage, track and update any work. It lets you easily communicate with your account manager. Everything, including your resources and information, is a click or two away.