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Our technology consultants combine extensive technical experience with strong strategic and business focused leadership. We help our clients in building a high performance IT organization through formalizing the IT strategy, governance, metrics, business processes, and technology and organization structure needed to deliver and manage efficient, high quality IT services. We work with our clients in architecture, business value analysis, asset management, product evaluation and selection, Application Development, Testing Services, data privacy and security of their IT function.

Our certified engineers work with clients to design flexible technology solutions based on the right combination of service offerings, experience and highly skilled resources. The technical expertise coupled with the business understanding is what allows our consultants’ work with you to improve process efficiency, reduce costs and help you realize better returns on your IT investments.

Technology Solutions
Dynamics CRM Services

IBN Technologies provides implementation & Consultation Services on Microsoft Dynamics CRM to automate entire sales and support processes. IBN has strong industry understating in terms of Business Processes, productivity measures, sales force effectiveness, etc. Our experts can come, sit with your team, understand your Business Processes & ground realities and suggest how to implement Dynamics CRM. Our services includes:

Workflow Solution

IBN Consultants help you to design and optimize the business models which align with your overall business vision and goals. IBN provides innovative features to design, develop, execute and monitor your business processes. IBN has an in-depth expertise and skills in BPM, both by transforming clients new and legacy, manual and semi-automated business processes into change-ready, automated processes by building and delivering workflow solutions and services.

IBN team of consultants has extensive experience on many open source framework. IBN combines three solutions in one: an innovative studio for process modeling, a powerful BPM and workflow engine and feature rich user interface. BPM processes can be designed by simple drawing graphical solution in the framework.

Business Intelligence

IBN services offerings in Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing includes Data Integration, Master Data Management, Data Cleansing, Data Warehouse Management, Quality Management, Dashboard creations, Customized Reports creation, Advanced Analytics, Corporate Performance Management, etc.

IBN team has expertise in SQL Server Reporting Services, Pentaho Business Analytics and Pentaho Data Integration tools. At IBN this is what we do, understands the value of data and provides Enterprise Business Intelligence solutions that transform data into measurable and actionable information as per the business needs to produce desirable results.

Our BI Services includes


  • BI Implementation Services
  • BI Dashboard Services
  • BI Migration Services
  • BI Performance Management
  • BI Governance Services


  • BI Assessment & Tool Evaluation
  • BI Consulting Services
  • BI Architecture Design Services


  • BI Support and Maintenance Services

Business Rule Management Software

IBN BRMS is completely web based business rule management system that helps organizations define, develop, manage and support the business rules of an organization

The engine separates business logic from your mission-critical applications in order to gain agility and improve operational performance. To get the most benefit from this application architecture, you need a business rules engine that: Empowers business users to create and manage business rules with minimal involvement from IT staff. Supports sophisticated, powerful rules that can capture your business workflow and your policies and procedures in all their dynamic complexity. Integrates seamlessly with your existing IT assets and scales for enterprise-class performance

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IBN business rules engine puts business users firmly in charge of creating and managing business rules, for maximum agility. Usability features include:

  • Intuitive rule forms to easily configure and manage business rules.
  • A graphical front-end to link rules with applications
  • Built-in review and approval processes.
  • A version-controlled rules inventory that supports the efficient reuse of existing rules.
  • A secure audit trail for all rules changes.
  • Automatic documentation generation.

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The business rules engine is unmatched in its support for a wide range of rule types, including:

  • Process rules that automate work flow management.
  • Declarative rules that compute values based on detected changes in other related values.
  • Transformation rules that appropriately transform data as it passes across heterogeneous systems.
  • Integration rules that determine the right system to invoke in each situation.

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With the business rules engine, distributed application nodes can share a common rules database, for optimum scalability. The system employs a .Net, Silverlight and XML architecture