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The executives of large hotel chains, REITs and hotel management companies often times face the issues dealing with high cost, significant capital investment and concerns about the ability to keep up with technology associated with current back office operating models.

The untapped potential to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and support consistency, in hospitality industry primarily depends on reliability and promptness to uncharted events. Due to unpredictability, many hoteliers face loses.

As the business is whole dependant on customer satisfaction, the major core back office operations outsourced, give the organization financial resources as well as time to pay attention to detail.

IBN offers a customised design, fitting an organizations core methodology conceptionalised and implemented to deliver optimum level of freedom to the company to invest in expansion or diversion.

Many companies are now reaping rewards of outsourcing their in house functions. Robust shared services technology platforms, seizing on back-office improvements to enable growth.

The increased financial and operational performance has helped increased the span of outsourced activities to E-invoicing, Payroll, Online booking softwares, as well booking on call services.

With advent of Social Media, customer engagement on various sites, via Geo tagging has also given way for customer royalty as well as branding for the organization.