Our team of experts offers services across finance & accounting, bookkeeping, assistance to CFO services, fund back office services, IT services, and more.

We Analyze

We analyze the present stand of your business for every situation and come up with the best possible solution.

We Implement

Our analysis helps us form the data-driven strategy and plan the execution with the expert talent pool available.

We cater

IBN serves various industries with its top-notch solutions across accounting, finance, AP / AR, fund back office services, treasury management, IT, and more.


Travel : IBN has a team of expertise for BPO travel industry where you will locate a predominant group of
Retail : IBN offers comprehensive modified administrations particularly characterized for the Retail Industry.
Hospitality : The executives of large hotel chains, REITs and hotel management companies often times face the issues
Recruitment Firm : Recruitment firm globally face the challenges of Data mining, Staffing, Inflation and Digitization,
Transport and Logistics : With the advent of E-Commerce websites, Transport and Logistics Companies are on the frontier
Multi Location Business : IBN core functions to facilitate Multi location Businesses include end-to-end service delivery across multiple locations,
Telecommunication : IBN Tele-communication outsourcing solutions help telecom companies manage cost
Insurance : IBNs Finance & Accounting services for Insurance Brokerage firm have helped them to focus on their core
Financial Services : A business strategy is the means by which it sets out to achieve its desired ends.
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After approaching IBN with a complex and bespoke requirement, I’ve been impressed with the professionalism and knowledge of my technical contact and other


“We are now entering the fourth year of our relationship with IBN. This has been a hugely rewarding and valuable transaction for us with IBN as they are now responsible for the maintenance of data covering over 70% of the funds."


"Client is engaged in advising fund of Hedge Funds and providing technology facilitating the mangement of investment portfolios." "After months of researching 100's of companies, visiting their offices, and extensive reference checks, we are extremely happy with our decision to select IBN. They have exceeded our expectations with consistent levels of specialized knowledge, quality, speed, and professionalism."


"IBN financial support is a top-class accounting services outsourcer. They act with speed in getting work done, and mobilizing additional resources as needed. Their greatest strength is pro-active communication with clients. I consider IBN a strong partner."



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