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How ProfitCents Adds Value to CFOs

In todays cut throat competition it’s very important for the companies to have efficient finance management in order to drive the business growth in right Direction. To do so every organization needs a CFO. This CFO will either work on Full or Part time basis whereas hiring either type is a costly affair to the company. Well, of course not a profitable to the small businesses at all. In overcoming this situation IBN has started assistance CFO Services with the help of ProfitCents a software supported by Sage Works.

ProfitCents has added value to our clients businesses. The reports generated through ProfitCents helped an accountant to present Financial Reports to their company efficaciously

ProfitCent Add-ons

  • Helps to Understand Current standing position of Business in Industry/Market.
  • To Dos from standing strong & long term stability of Business, and
  • Business weaknesses relative to Industry/Market benchmarks.
  • Return on Investments (ROI) with ration analysis mechanism.
This help accountant to present very strong recommendations to the client along with regular financial statements and ultimately it will help to grow the business and run with more profitably.

Features of Profit Cents.
Industry Data with business Comparisons
We can evaluate the business data with Real-time Industry data it helps us to identify industry trends, key performance indicators and Company vs industry variances, It also provide Industry recommendations which are useful from growth point of view.

Narrative Reports

As ProfitCents is capturing the real time data as per industry bench mark it is capable to provide Narrative financial analysis, highlights strengths/weaknesses which has high level of accuracy and professional stats.


Forecasting is unique tool used for making future projection of the business. ProfitCent make the forecasting based on the past period data inputted in system and real time industrial data ratios.

This is most use full for Non Profit Sector Analytical Procedure for Audits/Review

Profit cent has functionality to automatically calculate the exceptions as per Non-profits guidelines set by IRS also Standardized documentation & keep companies ready to face any compliance requirement in short notices as it shared the audit / review guidelines. ProfitCents shared highly qualitative data it helps then to get the fundings from the financial institutions for business expansion and enhance the profitability of the business.

IBN Serves Different Industries with Assistance CFO Services like

  • Construction
  • Insurance Brokers
  • Real Estate
  • Hospitality sector
  • Manufacturing