Can you plan and forecast proactively? Are you overdone with mundane tasks and daily crises? Are you free to focus on long-term strategic vision?

Let IBN Support you proactively manage your daily demands and plan for your future goals and needs – whether they involve an exit strategy, significant growth, or cost management.

Bespoke CFO Services

With the gradual growth, a firm reaches a point where they might need a professional support and finance guidance. Unfortunately, not ready to commit to a full time CFO or a controller. IBN’s on demand CFO Services are helping such organization to bring on the competitive advantage.

At IBN We Intent to Provide Customer Based Services.

  • Cost Analysis
  • Expenditure Budgeting for Company
  • Accounting & Financial Control Service

Benefits with IBN’s Virtual CFO

  • IBN Virtual CFO services make client focus on core business activities & acquiring new customers for their businesses.
  • Provide better understanding about the financial aspect of your business with more domination over the cash flow.
  • Increase in work transparency, which clarifies the futures business goals.
  • Improve the quality and timeliness of the financial information.
  • Preparation of the budget and supervision at regular time interval.
  • Improved tax monitoring to ensure funds are set aside for taxes, quarterly payments are made, and there are no surprises at tax time.