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Fund Administration Services for Hedge Fund

Fund administration is quite simply the many activities that are carried out in support of the actual process of running a collective investment scheme, whether it is a hedge fund, a traditional mutual fund, pension fund, unit trust or anything in between.

Fund administration services have always been available but after the Madoff scandal more pressure than ever was put on hedge funds to hire third-party fund administrators. Hedge funds to hire third-party fund administrators. But what is that they do and why are they so important?

We all know that managing funds effectively and with 100% transparency is critical but we also know that the administration that goes into that is time-consuming, costly and not necessarily something everyone is able to do.

Fund administration services for Hedge Fund help you to comply with the regulatory, financial and tax reporting requirements to ensure everything is above board and accounted for.

Services Offered by Fund Administration Services

  • Regulatory and shareholder reporting to the relevant governing bodies;
  • Composition services for end-to-end reporting;
  • Compliance services – monitoring and reporting for investment and regulatory guidelines;
  • Statistical reporting with a variety of views across asset classes right down to the security level;
Fund Administration Services
  • Expense budgeting, with an automated, integrated process for accurate budgeting, payments, and accruals;
  • Global tax services to handle global tax requirements;
  • Overseeing of the auditing process;
  • Regulatory and board meeting tasks which include preparing materials, drafting minutes and recommending board book content.

The Role of Fund Administration Services for Hedge Fund

It is the responsibility of the fund administrator to reconcile between the broker statement and the investment manager. The administrator collects all the necessary information provided by the investment manager and the prime broker and ensures everything is reconciled and calculates NAV, net asset value. It is also part of the administrator’s role to consider any activity like investor assets flowing in and out of the fund as this can affect the value of the funds.

Fund administration services ensure there is third-party involvement at all times. For example where a hedge fund is executing trades through multiple brokers, these are then consolidated through a prime broker. The fund administrator verifies the trades with a third-party broker to ensure everything is above board and that the sole broker isn’t conspiring with the investment advisors.

In the case of trading it is for the fund administrator to ensure fair pricing of each security that has been traded. If a security is listed on an exchange it is easy for the administrator to check the price. However it was a complicated holding it is then the job of the fund administrator to use a mathematical model to establish the price.

Ideally you want fund administration services for hedge fund done by a company that doesn’t do anything but administrate. You do not want those trading or hold securities. It is the role of the fund administrator to provide middle- and back-office and fund administration services


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