Virtual CFO Services   are categorised into following ways

Financial operations:

It provides general accounting which maintains the accounts of the clients. It also manages all the payroll related activities such as handling compliances, formation of payroll process etc. The Receivables and Payables Management controls all the activities such as timely transactions as per process, formation of complete vendor payment etc. The process of fund management controls all the funds of the clients, in order to achieve the objectives of best return on capital and liquidity.

Transaction and Advisory:

The IPO process supports the clients at all the levels. M&A supports the clients in executing their MBA strategy by providing a training regarding the benefits and risks involved. The advisory team is also responsible for identifying a right exit strategy for the company over situations wherein the customer is considering over leaving the business or diminishing his/her stake.


It includes taxation which manages all the tax related activities on a timely basis. The secretarial handles all the agreements and the statutory reports provide the financial reports to the Board of Directors.

Strategic planning:

The corporate planning decides on the best form of legal entity structure. It also includes the process of budgeting and forecasts, which creates the budget and carries out the market analysis.

Investor relations:

It includes the management of relationship with the banks and also provides MIS. It helps to prepare the presentations for the equity investors.

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