The accounts receivable process can be a source of frustration for both businesses and customers. Late or missed payments can create problems for businesses, while customers may feel overwhelmed by confusing payment terms or unresponsive customer service.

Companies must have a successful and efficient Order-to-Cash cycle in order to maximize their cash flows and collection procedures. Businesses can handle their accounts receivable more effectively by using a receivables management solution. In order to effectively handle collection activities without interfering with customer relationships, our associates collaborate closely with business teams. IBN Tech provides reputable outsourced finance and accounting services that support the full range of accounting operations if you want to get started with accounts receivable.

About account receivable

As part of a company's current assets, it forms an important entry on its balance sheet. These balance sheet items have the potential to make or kill your business. Being aware of this asset helps in the management and maintenance of customer payments, as well as the improvement of cash flow.

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Accounts receivable is a critical part of any business

Generally, managing AR effectively is essential for maintaining a healthy cash flow, as it allows a company to know how much money is coming in and when it can expect to receive payment.

Profitability is calculated by adding up all your assets, including AR, and deducting it from all of your liabilities, which are the sum of your debts to suppliers and vendors. If the number is positive, the business is profitable. You'll need to decide whether to increase assets or decrease liabilities if the figure is negative.

Maintaining your company's financial stability requires a close examination of your credit policies and AR procedures. Following are some guidelines to help you improve the AR process.

Guidelines for Improving Your Accounts Receivable Process

Your own AR cycle can be optimized to ensure fast payment and effective operation. Following these guidelines can help you optimize your A/R process.

1. Create a database for collections.

Having a database for collections can help a business to keep track of its outstanding invoices and ensure that payments are received in a timely manner. It can also help to reduce the risk of losing track of invoices or missing payment deadlines, which can lead to delays in cash flow and negatively impact the business's bottom line.

Implementing a digital collections system and creating a database is the first step to optimizing your AR process if you're still using paper and pen or a piecemeal invoicing and tracking system. You can now quickly monitor the status of any invoice within your workflow thanks to this.

Depending on the goals and resources of the organization, there are numerous approaches to constructing a database for collections. Some businesses may choose to manage their collections database using a spreadsheet or a specific software program, but others may prefer a more manual approach, such as paper records or a whiteboard. Regardless of the approach used, it is critical to update and maintain the database on a regular basis to ensure that it is correct and up to date.

2. Possess a typical aging process.

Although it's ideal for customers to pay upon receipt, this is regrettably not often the case for many firms. Suppliers frequently wait for the payment as a result of buyers' requests for payment terms of 30, 60, or 90 days (or more!). Your clients may be "bucketed" into time periods based on how long their invoice has been past due. In order to maintain collections, your team can use a variety of tactics based on which bucket the customer is in.

Let’s take a view of the AR aging process and how to calculate AR turnover.

Calculate ART and A/R Aging Report

Accounts Receivable Turnover, or ART, is a financial statistic that assesses how effectively a company manages its receivables. A high ART ratio suggests that a business is effectively collecting payments from its clients, whereas a low ART ratio can suggest that the business is having trouble getting clients to pay. This method offers a quick analysis of AR than the A/R Aging Report.

An A/R Aging Report (Accounts Receivable Aging Report) is a tool used to monitor how quickly consumers pay invoices for a business. The A/R Aging Report can be used to pinpoint payment irregularities and organize subsequent efforts to recover unpaid accounts. It can also be used to spot patterns in payment behavior and to decide on credit risk in a well-informed manner.

For a stronger cash flow, keep in mind that implementing measures to manage, monitor, and enhance AR turnover is essential. You can use the data from tracking your turnover to assess the effect of your practices on the profitability of your business, in addition to identifying trends in your AR processes.

3. Pay attention to high value accounts.

Access to steady cash flow is a key indicator of an A/R flow's effectiveness. You can optimize the benefit of your efforts by concentrating on high-value accounts, or those invoices that account for the majority of your unpaid AR.

4. Implementing automation solutions to improve efficiency.

Finally, to improve the overall flow, think about automating your A/R procedures. Keeping track of bills and managing collections may be a time-consuming and expensive procedure. To avoid wasting valuable time looking for late payments, think about installing an A/R management system or working with a financial company that does the effort on your behalf. The majority of Fortune 500 companies and small to medium-sized businesses in the USA prefer online accounting and bookkeeping services and managing accounts receivable and payable.

Running a corporation isn't glamorous, especially when it comes to managing accounts receivables. It is possible, however, to increase productivity by implementing these four tactics and to better position your organization for growth in the future.

Having real-time visibility and predictability of your cash flow can be incredibly useful for forecasting and planning purposes. By tracking your accounts receivable in real-time, you can get a clear picture of the money that is coming into your business and when it is expected to arrive. This can help you to make more accurate and informed predictions about your future cash flow and make better-informed decisions about your business. Visit this page to learn about the most popular services now being provided and current automated AR operations.


If you wish to get rid of manual account receivable procedures and say goodbye to cash flow disturbance. We’re here to support you as you begin to develop a robust and effective accounting system. We assist small business owners to improve their cash flow on a daily basis. IBN Tech provides reputable outsourced finance and accounting services that support the full range of accounting operations if you want to get started with accounts receivable.

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