IBN offers sustainable Document management services into Research Management System


Client Profile


Client is a family holding company with investment interests spanning real estate, public markets, hedge funds and private equity. Client is using Code Red (RMS) application for storing and documenting all the Fund Reports, DDQs, Presentation etc. as per the File categorization to easy the access of reports and documents in near future for their internal team and updation of exposures & top holding data for their research activities.


Key Challenges


Client was not able to upload the files in RMS in a timely fashion and Updated information was not available to investment analysts for Risk & research analysis.


Proposed Solution


IBN solution to client:

  • IBN provided dedicated resource to client from its global delivery center. The resources will be working
  • Timely  bookkeeping of the files
  • Processing of all existing and new email items and saved through Code Red ( Research Management System) as per file categorization.
  • Half yearly updation of exposure & top holding data accessing reports from Research Management System.




By utilizing IBN Middle &  Back Office services:

  • Client’s investment analyst team were able to access fund managers & administrators reports easily located centrally through research management system (Code Red).
  • Analyst team was able to utilize ready to use data for their research activities.
  • More Focused on core research activities.




The services delivered by IBN resulted in the following way:

  • Easy access of reports located centrally on RMS
  • Cost effective
  • Ready to use exposure & top holding data for analyst team
  • Time saving resulting in focus on core activities.