Most business enterprises start small and can easily manage their limited financial and accounting needs. When this business grows, the need to expand the financial aspects becomes the need of the hour. Many entrepreneurs are good at what they do best. They know how to develop a product or a service and understand exactly what it takes to excel in this domain. But, when it comes to managing accounts they find it difficult to address major critical decisions.

Today, engaging with a CFO is a necessity. However, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. IBN Technologies Limited is one of the leaders in this arena. With several years of experience at the highest levels and with a trained and qualified staff, that is adept with handling clients from multi nationals to mid size, and small firms. Few can match their impeccable credentials. Additionally, IBN Technologies Limited has offices all over the world and can be of immense help in more business areas than one.

Managing the finances and accounts requires specialised skills. Apart from taking care of all the issues pertaining to payroll and taxation, there are several subsidiaries that need to be taken into account before arriving at the desired results. Then there are the areas of billing and managing receivables. In some cases, there are suppliers who may enjoy a certain interest free credit allowance, whereas, on the other hand, there may be vendors who need to be charged a penalty for late payments.

Equally important is to meet all payables on time to maintain good credibility in the market place. All these issues can take up a substantial amount of time and effort. Yes, there may be some companies that manage all these operations in house, but, in most cases as the business grows further; it may become an expensive proposition to maintain all the overheads. Besides, with the advancement of technology, these tasks can be performed quickly and with complete accuracy.

Of course, it is mandatory to be aware of these developments and the right modes of their implementation. This is precisely where IBN Technologies Limited fits in; not only they will save the company almost 40% in costs, but also provide state of the art solutions for every finance and accounting requirement. Importantly, they will more often than not be ahead of their schedule in every respect to give the company’s management the much needed assurance and peace of mind.

One of the questions that some companies may ask is how they can afford the services of such a large network. The answer is simple; IBN Technologies Limited caters to a number of clients with similar requirements. This helps in reducing the costs considerably. Initially, all that IBN Technologies Limited would require is a complete process layout of the company. Once this has been clearly defined, all the finer points are fitted in before being test run to assess the various solutions for their efficacy.

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