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kulwinder singh

Are you pretty tied up and are looking for an extra hand in terms of bookkeeping…?!!!

Here are a handful of tips to hire bookkeeper for small businesses which will make your life easy:

1.Inquire well!!

Small businesses should always keep upgrading their list of contact and acquaintances. By doing this you will have ample number of options to count on as in from where or how you can hire a good bookkeeper for your little venture. Bookkeeper for small businesses must be hired after rigorous consultation and recommendations.

Bookkeeper for small businesses   must always be leased-on after you are sure about your requirements or criteria. For instance; do the books of your firm need to be maintained annually, quarterly or monthly? Will a part-time bookkeeper suffice your needs or you will definitely want a full-time bookkeeper? What is the exact volume of your business and so on? At any point of time, if a small business owner has managed his/her books, will be in a better position to answer these questions.

It is advisable to be quite judicious while interviewing candidates for recruiting bookkeeper for small businesses. Their written and verbal both skills should be verified through various questions. If possible the business owner should also examine his   accounting and bookkeeping   skillset through a written test. This will help to understand the candidate’s technical understanding and know-how. The candidate should be interrogated about his past experience; as in whether he has ever handle bookkeeping for small business prior to this, also what is his exposure towards working on vivid accounting software’s.

What else do you need to apprehend?


While hiring bookkeeper for small businesses, owners must always try to comprehend that the readiness of the bookkeeper. In other words, you ought to scrutinize that he is always available to shoulder the responsibilities of your books and generated reports spontaneously as and when required.


Bookkeeper for small businesses must be willingly accountable for the task assigned. Hence, the business owner should ensure that the available bookkeeper is mature enough to be made answerable for the books handed over to him.

6.Good with accounting software’s!

As discussed briefly in the third point, that bookkeepers must be proficient at accounting softwares like Sage Line, Xero, Quicken, Peachtree etc. Only then bookkeeper for small businesses is worth hiring. In fact, this should be the key decisive factor to decide upon the bookkeeper aspirant.

7.Get to know the World which you belong to!!

As we know that bookkeeping standards and rules are different for different industries, it is prudent to get to know the industry to which you belong. Doing this, you will be able to find the best fit for your organization. Bookkeeper for small businesses can easily be enrolled but finding the best one is all what matters.

8.Let’s stick to strangers!!

At all times it is logical to conduct a proper recruitment process when it comes to hiring bookkeeper for small businesses. Engaging friends, cousins or associates at bookkeeping of your company can be good to nurture your personal relationships, but it is definitely not a worthwhile idea for maintaining the books of your firm!! A seasoned and pro bookkeeper should be the first choice for the bookkeeping of your petite and sturdy undertaking.

9.Reference Check is a must!!

To hire pertinent bookkeeper for small businesses, it is crucial to have a reference check done if an interviewed candidate is selected and offered. If he holds prior experience in the industry, then his credibility can be cross-checked with previous employer by clearing queries like:

What was his/her tenure with your company?

What was his/her tenure with your company?

How quick is he at queries, calls and urgent summons?

10.Online Bookkeeping can be an option!!

If you still are confused about how to hire the right bookkeeper for small businesses, you can go ahead to hire an online bookkeeper. These services give you round the clock and quick reporting. They also take off a lot load from your shoulders, allowing you adequate time to strategize your business’s competencies.

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