IBN also offers Xml based database solutions, xml integration programming services and OTA (Open Travel Alliance) compliant data Aggregator Middleware Engine named as XML Feed Integrator (XFI). XFI enables seamless integration with Travel content suppliers like CRSs, GDS, Travel Suppliers and complaint sources from other business Verticals like finance and insurance, news portals, etc. It is fully scalable and easily configurable architecture based on XML and SOA (Service Oriented Architecture).


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XML Highlights

  • Cost Saving: Accelerate Data Integration, Performance, eliminate manual coding, and reduce total cost of ownership by 65 %
  • Fast Data Display: Multi-threading Functionality that allows to connect multiple suppliers simultaneously, thus giving faster results in less time
  • Easy Customization: Customizable, Modular and Scalable Service Oriented Architecture
  • Rule Engine: Built-in Business Rules Engine
  • Industry Standard: Compatibility with Industry standard XML Specifications
  • Fully web services driven, platform agnostic – connects to diverse platforms and data sources. This allows to easily scale to support growing data volumes
  • Business Visibility Through Data Event Monitoring
  • Secured access layer to multiple systems, components and data sources
  • Contains built-in plugins, adaptors and connectors
  • Integrated 24×7 web services based Error Capturing and Response System

XFI –Benefits to Organization

  • Provide data on demand in Industry standard formats, giving a wider market reach
  • Map and translate the data into a common reference schema in
  • Industry standard formats within its connector component making
  • It easier to understand and use
  • Utilize existing systems, data and logic for creating new applications as services without the need for exposing or understanding the underlying logic
  • Dynamically alter rules to quickly respond to ever-changing business requirements using the business rules engine component
  • Reduce redundant data and logic duplications
  • Utilize data flowing within XFI for analytics and trends
  • Extremely scalable, cost effective long term IT infrastructure

XFI –Implementation Case Study-Travel

  • Client : Medium and large Travel agents and portals located in various countries across the globe
  • Challenge: Provide real Time dynamic data to the system which is to be taken from various suppliers having different data formats
  • Solution Overview: XFI uses a major component in IBN Travel

Management System (IBN TMS). IBN TMS is a web-based end-to-end Travel Booking ERP that comes complete with a comprehensive online reservation system with mid and back office tools. XFI empowers IBN TMS with ability to bundle XML requests to multiple suppliers in a single request, aggregate and consume XML or any form of online data from suppliers. For Travel Portals, Suppliers & aggregators XFI enables them to expose their data as OTA compliant web services in a cost effective and secure manner giving them a wider market reach.

XFI Implementation Case Study-Finance

  • Client : Firm serves a broad array of over 500 institutional Investor clients, including money managers, consultants, Plan sponsors and other institutional investors
  • Challenge: Fetch financial data from various external and internal data sources on scheduled and real time basis for the data which is provided in various formats like CSV, XML etc. . The raw data is used to provide end users with a comprehensive portfolio view and performance reports and analytics
  • Solution Overview: XFI is used to Interface with multiple data providers and produce a normalized view of the data
  • Deliver aggregated data in a variety of formats based on recipient’s requirements for loading into an accounting engine, reporting application, risk engine, proprietary database, etc.
  • Calculate performance and deliver in a custom format for easy loading to the reporting application