Travel Management System (TMS)

IBN TMS is a web-based end-to-end travel operation Software that comes complete with a comprehensive online reservation system with mid and back office tools. With IBN TMS, travel companies can sell products online, manage business, and automate working procedures to increase business efficiency. IBN TMS is based on a simple principle which is to enable our customers to sell everything and anything related to travel. Our core product categories include Hotel, Air, Apartment, Villa, Car Hire, Bus, City Tours and Package .

Challenges and Opportunities for Travel Agencies Today

  • Do you have access to a wide range of travel products at best possible rates?
  • Do you have access to the bookings from various offices, employees and agents?
  • Are you able to easily manage all your negotiated supplier contracts?
  • Are you taking advantage of all affiliate channels to make bookings and track their revenue generation?
  • Are you well branding and designing your website to differentiate yourself from your competition and ensure that customer finds you?
  • Are you able to efficiently manage the agents & corporate customers and there mark-ups on various products?
  • Does your reservation system enable you to sell across multiple distribution channels?
  • Does your data seamlessly flow from your front office to your back-office system?
  • Does your employee able to track and close all the generated enquires?

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Selling Channels

  • Sell travel products through multiple selling channels
  • On-Request booking feasible.
  • Personalized dash board.
  • Ability to sell products with different rate and inventory suppliers.
  • Automated agent travel documentation system.
  • Credit Management, Payment Reconciliation and Account History.
  • Multi-Currency support.
  • Payment Gateway Integration.
  • Create customer specific booking for multiple travel products & services.
  • Generate booking document for existing customers.
  • Access to the booking history to track booking status.
  • Help your agents to book travel products on agent’s behalf.
  • Web-based system to manage all types of packages.
  • Manage your own static package.

Middle Ware

  • Comprehensive system to manage rates, Discounts & allocation.
  • Define complex contracts and travel product information.
  • Define various rates for weekdays and weekends.
  • Automated e-mails to client & supplier.
  • Access to suppliers to maintain the travel products’ information.
  • Maintain rates for different seasons, category, and services.
  • Define the vehicle/kilometre/hour rate and shared rate details.
  • Define the package region and sub-region wise.
  • Functionality to add non-data base items along with dynamic package.
  • Mark-up and discount control.
  • Blended display from multiple sources with different rate rules.
  • Effective Role Management.
  • Associate Branchemployeeagent.
  • Rights Management & access control for all sub-modules.

Back and Mid Office

  • Process and manage bookings created across all sales channels.
  • Manage multiple office locations, staff and subagents.
  • Supports both automated and manual booking processing.
  • Define branches & locations with client and staff management.
  • Set commissions, define system charges, set advance booking time limits.
  • Define 3rd party settings for suppliers, credit cards, affiliates etc. .
  • Define preferred vendors across products on the offline & online channels.
  • Settlement master for adjusting the receivables against the outstanding.
  • Define multi-currency transactions for agents and suppliers.
  • Receipt master to enter the funds received in various bank accounts.
  • Download & export reports to multiple file formats.
  • Real time reports to find what, how much, when and who made the sale?.
  • BSP & Supplier reconciliation: who has paid and who do you need to pay.

Travel Product Acquisition and Management

Negotiated Contract Management Travel agencies that have their own negotiated contracts with suppliers can use the IBN TMS to effectively manage their contracts. Contracts can be managed for airfares, hotels, apartments, cars, transfers and packages. New Product Acquisition – Using IBN TMSs B2B Supplier Gateway and IBN TMSs affiliate of partners, travel agencies can access a whole range of products including airfares, hotels, activities, insurance and package tours which they can sell online.

Product Distribution

Once the travel agency has identified the products it wants to sell online, IBN TMS can assist in selling the same products across multiple distribution channels – online consumer, call centre, sub-agent interface or corporate. Different pricing can be associated with different distribution channels.


Dynamic Packaging

The IBN TMS’s Dynamic Packaging Wizard for Travel Agencies enables travel agencies to dynamically package travel products from multiple suppliers, consolidators or their own negotiated products in real time and sell these packages online. A rules based engine gives travel agencies control over pricing and discounts for these packages. A single package price is displayed to the user.

Agent Channel Management

Roles and Users can be managed through very powerful affiliate management wizard. The role based configuration functionality helps in managing multiple Employees, Agents, Consultants and Corporate Customers system access role management and can associate Branch–EmployeeAgent.


Online Marketing

IBN TMS’s extensive experience in building travel portals and web sites makes it a perfect partner for travel agencies looking at building a travel web portal and using the web to sell across multiple distribution channels.

IBN TMS offers the following Online Marketing services for travel agencies:

    • Web Portal Design and Production
    • Travel 2.0 features integration
    • Search Engine friendly website.
    • Site Analysis and Review.

Booking Engine

Multi-Product, Multi-Supplier booking engine programmed for quicker results and higher profitability by enabling selling of high margin products. Sophisticated business logic and mark-up control across different sales channels Seamless integration with payment gateways and suppliers/aggregators faster price comparisons and blended searches across multiple providers Dynamic Package with a combination of products.

Online B2B Platform

This B2B platform is a complete web-based end-to-end solution developed for the Travel agencies to help them to easily distribute the travel products and services to the agents, consultants and corporate customers. The B2B platform is developed on Microsoft Technology in ASP.Net and MS SQL as database, which provides a very robust yet flexibility in customizing the system for specific requirements.

Web Portal Design and Production

The objective over here is to build an intuitive user friendly web site with rich engaging content and eye-catching designs which is closely integrated with the booking process. IBN will work closely with you to understand your online goals and deliver solutions which meet these goals. It is our endeavour to ensure that the web site effectively communicates your brand and enables you to sell more. The core booking engine functionality, mid-office and back-office interface for your travel portal can be provided through the IBN TMS B2B Platform. The IBN TMS B2B Platform is a feature rich product encompassing negotiated and public fares and rates, GDS, air and hotels systems interfaces, dynamic and pre-packaged tours, car rental, Tours and rich content interfaces using XML and Web Services. The Site Manager and Enhanced Content Viewer can be used to create intuitive interfaces and a rich user experience.