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Third Party Mortgage Processing Company

Mortgage processing has nowadays become an intricate yet crucial part for any business or individual. Handling core business activity along with mortgage procedures does take a toll on a daily basis.

In such a scenario, it is always a good idea to outsource your mortgaging needs to a third party mortgage processing company. These companies meet your expectations in the following ways:

Third Party Mortgage Processing Company

Particular mortgaging requirements

Third Party Mortgage Processing Company

Revert with solutions that suit your business structure well

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Deliver with supreme and customized services to you and your clients

Such a third party mortgage processing company is IBN. The services that we provide like loan registration, indexing of loan documents, modification and pay offs are simple and straightforward. They can be easily accessed and opted for without much hassle. By doing this, businesses can share major chunk of load of mortgage processing’s and focus on their core operations of sales and expanding their business. IBN renders services 24*7 round-the-clock. Mortgage processing services is not a laidback operation and requires a lot of diligence. We at IBN, we have a devoted team of professionals towards the smallest of details while structuring the whole process and making it smooth and unfussy for our customers.

IBN being one of the best third party mortgage processing companies diligently guides you through solutions like:

Loan Registration

As a third party mortgage processing company, IBN enthusiastically indulges itself in the procedure of loan registration/boarding. During this modus operandi, the team takes everything into account very minutely and then proceeds as this is the very first stage of a particular mortgage loan processing. Basically, during this phase the application forms that are received from the agents are utilized to register loan on the system of loan origination.

Indexing of loan documents

IBN – a third party mortgage processing company, follows indexing of loan documents quite acutely. As this too is one of the most initial steps like loan registration of any mortgaging process, IBN’s expert team doesn’t leave any stone unturned to accomplish this step with minimum flaws. To make it an error-free phase, our specialists reviews the mortgaging documents again and again before indexing them. Consequently after this, these respective documents are underwritten and processed for further treatment.

Loan modification

We at IBN do not stop only after the core processes of mortgage processing. As a third party mortgage processing company, we know that customers’ needs do not end only with mortgage processing; there would be number of other formalities which need to assisted and catered to. So, here at loan modification stage, IBN understands the loan account information and modifies it as and when required as per customers’ instructions. These changes are also based on loan conditions or the requests made by the clients. It is very crucial for us that we do the changes with our clients’ acceptance.

Payoff processing

We not only deal with the core activities of mortgage processing but also look after the payment nitty-gritties. We as a third party mortgage processing company, pay due attention to payoffs as well. IBN effortlessly offers application of payments along with payment exceptions services. Apart from these solutions, we post exception checks to the right account, payment checks exception processing, we correct misapplied payments, process extra funds sent in by customers by mistake. We even do mortgage payment returns and in fact handle bankruptcy warnings are with much ease and poise.


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