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Residential Mortgage Loan Origination Process

Mortgaging your residence can be a tricky, complicated and edgy process. Getting loan at the cost of your property can make you go through some worrisome series of activities. Residential mortgage loan origination process is not a cakewalk and demands a lot of diligence and sheer attention. For businesses, who require to equally concentrate on their mainstream chores, it really becomes difficult for them to juggle between residential mortgaging procedure and core business.

In such cases you need somebody or a reliable mortgaging partner who can guide you through these intricate processes. IBN Tech here acts as one such partner & mentors you step by step throughout process. Our credit experts have in-depth understanding of the residential mortgaging industry and hold a wide range of competencies to strategize, build and propose operative residential mortgaging solutions.

In today’s aggressive and competitive market, it has become vital to become a low-cost mortgage producer as well as sustaining a superior customer experience. At IBN, we consistently try designing such residential mortgage loan origination process which yield maximum outcome which will also enable us to reinvest in future. Our approach is always to create a kind of operation which is smooth-flowing which facilitates efficient completion of each task. We continually emphasize on generating processes that are practical in nature and can easily be availed by our clients.

IBN’s residential mortgage loan origination process is low-cost, yet highly controlled, highly compliant and of course quality-driven. Our team of credit professionals have subsequent know-how to empower mortgage originators to fulfil the strict rules and regulations that exist. To make every case successful, we keep improvising our processes to reduce per loan expenses with enhanced customer experience within the specified timeline. IBN’s credit team has aided lenders strategize new business plans and re-engineer their skills through our offerings.

Talking about offerings, what do we have in our kitty regarding residential mortgage loan origination process?

finance hammer ibn
Loan Acquisition
loan ibn
Loan Registration
loading ibn
Loan Processing
fraud detection ibn
Fraud Detection
Approved IBN
Quality Control
close ibn

IBN teams up with its clients to render supreme-performing environments that drive-in best of quality, cost, delivery and service. We leverage our deep lying expertise within the domain which in return prove to be a great benefit in bridging the gap between current and anticipated challenges. IBN aims at building a progressive residential mortgage loan origination process amidst comprehensive consulting, advisory and professional services to assist customers tackle present challenges in the residential mortgage section with a structured and streamlined back office support systems, facilities and services.

Let us discuss some of the above terminologies for you:

Loan Registration

In order to make a the process efficacious, IBN’s team of credit professionals without fail register loans on the loan origination system with the help of the loan applications received from various brokers. Our focus remains on improving our process to reduce the turnaround time while maintaining the accuracy and integrity of data.

Fraud Detection

To ensure maximum security and make the entire process error and deception free, our team dedicates indulges itself to cross-verify and check each and every phase of residential mortgage loan origination process so that it can be detected if there prevails some sort of fraud or deceit.


Title Recording Confirmation, Post Close Review/ HMDA Audit, Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems (MERS) Registration, Docs Retrieval, Data Integrity Audit and Trailing Docs Tracking are few of the functions which are a part of Post-Closing. Number of formalities that need to be undertaken to make it a full-fledged and rock-solid procedure.


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