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Mortgage Processing BPO Company in India

As we all know that mortgage industry has become quite competitive and aggressive, everyone is trying to offer something edgy and different to their customers. Also we know that the legalities involved in mortgage processing are much more complicated and long-winded these days. It takes a lot of time and patience to go through an entire process of mortgaging.

This work is being made easy by IBN – a mortgage processing BPO Company in India. It has a desiccated team which is diligently devoted towards services like loan boarding, payment processing, bank reconciliation, fraud detection and credit report discrepancy.

We at IBN – a mortgage processing BPO Company in India know that it is tremendously tiring to be at par with the guidelines to take care of your mortgage requirements. Hence, IBN acts as an effortless partner to fulfil all the procedures of mortgage processing. As already discussed in the lines above, IBN being one of the best mortgage processing BPO companies in India offers variety of functions for various type of companies and clients.

IBN is such a mortgage processing BPO Company in India that will serve you as a one-stop solution for all your mortgage rudiments. A team of engrossed and highly skilful professionals help you make ingenious decisions related to mortgage loan process. IBN gives you end to end evaluation from order appraisals to loan closing, validation and review for each mortgage loan processing.

Let’s discuss about the services that IBN delivers being a mortgage processing BPO Company in India:

Loan Boarding

IBN’s CFO consulting Austin Partner joins charge gathering which manages all the appraisal related activities on a promising reason. The secretarial handles each one of the affirmations and the statutory reports give the budgetary reports to the Board of Directors.

Fraud Detection

We are quite cautious about fraudulency and hence try keeping a check on it. At this stage our dedicated team of skilled professionals cross-verify to the records to see if any kind of fraud exists.

Bank Reconciliation

IBN being one of the best mortgage processing BPO companies in India, it flawlessly does the reconciliation of funds that are deposited by the customers.

Payment processing

With general accounting it is definitely not hard to keep up the records of the customers. CFO consulting Austin master even manages all the fund related activities, for instance, dealing with compliances, game plan of back methodology et cetera. The Receivables and Payables Management portion controls each one of the activities, for instance, favourable amassing as indicated by agreed credit terms, course of action of complete dealer portion etc. The method of hold organization controls each one of the advantages of the clients, arranging of month to month accounts (MIS) with P&L, Balance sheet, wage et cetera remembering the ultimate objective to achieve the objectives of best benefit for capital and liquidity.

Credit Report Discrepancy

Credit Report discrepancy is another feature of IBN – mortgage processing BPO company in India. It is a part of Consumer lending where we upkeep the areas of value chain of consumer lending, processing the transaction and payment, acquisition of the account, servicing the account and also do default management.


IBN’s mortgage process outsourcing services provide underwriting support services which comprise of operations like Conditions Review, Quality Control, Credit/ collateral/ capacity review. We will raise the red flag to avoid further loss of time and money. We’ll resume the process once additional guarantee is taken.

By opting services of IBN – mortgage processing BPO Company in India, you not only smoothen your processes but also save a lot of time. Your mortgage processing needs are guided with sheer expertise and hence you are always in safe hands. You in return are also able to concentrate more on your core business rather than other petty issues of the organization.


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