Risk and Quantitative Analysis

IBN Risk & Quantitative Analysis services can assist Fund Managers by applying advanced statistical technique like quantitative risk analysis, research analysis to help get more from your data, this will help in making better Investment Decisions. IBN Quantitative Analysis team helps in developing and delivering the advanced research and analytic tools required by Fund Managers and Investment Management Team which help them in verifying investment decisions and evaluating the risk adopted.

IBN Quantitative Analysts works closely with Fund Managers/Fund Research Team/Onshore Analysts and support them in:-

    • Performance Analysis
    • Statistical Analysis of Returns
    • Risk/Return Analysis
    • Alpha-Beta Analysis
    • Correlation & Sensitivity
    • Analysis
    • Volatility Analysis
    • VAR Analysis
    • Global Risk Analysis
    • Momentum Analysis
    • Portfolio Optimization
    • Advanced Quantitative Research
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Clustering
    • Financial Modelling
    • Portfolio Performance Optimization


Team Consists of professionals with more than 8+ years of experience with following educational background:

    • IITs, NITs
    • Post Graduates/ Bachelors in Engineering/ Others Master Qualification

Team has experience in Data Exploration, Modelling, Simulation and Optimization Techniques and following software/technologies: Excel-VBA / MatLab / R / C++.