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Have something big and expensive to buy? Worrying how to arrange for the finance?!!

Gone are the days when arranging for finance was similar to going through a complicated and intricate set of activities as well as formalities. contract loan processing companies have made these procedures quite a cakewalk which involve minimum hassles and complexities.

Among several contract loan processing companies in USA, IBN is one company which possesses supreme efficacy and adeptness to serve your funding needs to the best. We are serving in the field of contract loan processing for more than 15 years now and have won loyalty of thousands of prestigious clients. IBN makes sure smooth and suave processing of all sorts of loans.

In a nutshell, we deliver you in the arenas of loan registration and indexing loan documents. Being one of the best contract loan processing companies in USA, IBN takes care of your requisites and gives you proper step by step guidance as you proceed with the all the phases of contract loan processing.

Another advantage of contract loan processing is that it makes affordable for the mortgage bankers and brokers to easily rule their production up and down without the need of pricy hiring and unwanted terminations. Full-time employees generally tend to cause so many issues and potential obligations. With outsourcing mortgage processing, you only pay for what you require and also you are able to avoid any possible workplace lawsuits, sick employees, redundancy insurance, augmented workman’s compensation insurance and many more. We will handle your mortgage loans and you can get back to selling and marketing your products and services which are of utmost importance. We are there to take care of everything else!

Now, why you can always trust IBN even though there are various other contract loan processing companies in USA:

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Mortgage Brokers are experienced loan officers and hence do not entail to have the proficiency or the time to be a processor.  With the help of a veteran Contract Loan Processor you will immediately be capable of handling operations relate to mortgage processing quite professionally as any other company.

bookkeeping services for doctors

The professional mortgage banker is always in a position to spare more time for your business. Customer service & sales are the factors that makes the business grow. While IBN is taking care of your backend and/or processing you focus on acquiring clients and getting more business from them.

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Contract Loan Processing is a lesser costly affair than an in-house processor.  If you are not aware, then let us tell you that you have to pay an in-house processor the same amount irrespective of the number of files you fund. Contract Loan Processing, that is based the number of funded files, enables you with an effortless cash flow.

So, what are the services which IBN offers as a contract loan processing company to facilitate your business and make your life easy?

Loan Servicing

Escrow Management
Loan Boarding
Customer Service
Payoff Processing
Loan Modifications
Bank Reconciliation
Investor Reporting

Products that we support

Government Loans: FHA and VA
Fixed Rate Mortgages
Jumbo Loans
Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs)
Non-Conforming Loans

Loan Origination

Loan Boarding/Registration
Loan Acquisition
Loan Processing
Underwriting Support
Conditions Processing
Compliance Quality Review
Post-Closing Review
Closing and Funding
Secondary Marketing

When it comes to contract loan processing, apart from the above facilities, we also in aid in the area of Consumer Lending and here is how we do it:

General Ledger Balance

Payment processing
Loan Boarding
Credit Report Discrepancy
Default Management

Inventory Management


Credit card and bank statement reconciliation

Home Equity Loan
Marine and RV loans
New and old Auto as well as Motorcycle Loans


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